Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   2

Issue No. :  4

Year :  2009

Pages :   457-460

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some 2-(N –Substituted Hydrazino)-N- [4-(5-methyl benzoxazol-2-yl)-Phenyl]-acetamide

Address:   Shelly thomas1, Geetha KM2 and V Murugan*2
1Department of Pharamaceutical Chemistry J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Rocklands, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
2Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology, Dayananda Sagar College of Pharmacy, Kumaraswamy layout, Bangalore – 560 078, Karnataka state

The reaction of 2-Hydrazino-N-[4-(5-methyl benzoxzol-2-yl)-phenyl]-acetamide (III) with various aldehydes to get 2-(N1-Substituted hydrazino)-N-[4-(5-methyl-benzoxazol-2-yl)-phenyl]-acetamide. The structures of the synthesized compounds were settled on the basis of spectral data. The newly synthesized compounds were tested for their possible antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities. After 3 hr, all the tested benzoxazole compounds showed statically significant decrease in the paw volume and all the compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activities none of the compounds showed activity at the concentration of 1000µg/well.
Benzoxazole derivatives, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial activity.
Shelly thomas, Geetha KM, V Murugan. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some 2-(N –Substituted Hydrazino)-N- [4-(5-methyl benzoxazol-2-yl)-Phenyl]-acetamide. Asian J. Research Chem. 2(4):Oct.-Dec. 2009 page 457-460.
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