Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   3

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2010

Pages :   121-125

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Amides of Aminothiazole Derivatives

Address:   AK Prajapati* and Vishal P Modi
Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara-390 001, India
*Corresponding Author

Condensation of acetophenone with thiourea in presence of Iodine gives 2-amino-4-phenylthiazole (I). 4-(2-Amino-4-phenyl-thiazol-5-yl-azo)-benzoic acid ethyl ester (III) was prepared by coupling of 4-ethoxycarbonylphenyldiazonium chloride with 2-amino-4-phenylthiazole. A series of amide (V) can be synthesized by treatment of appropriate substituted acid chlorides with compound (III) using pyridine as solvent. All the synthesized compounds are characterized by the combination of elemental analysis and standard spectroscopic method. They are screened for anti-bacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus as well as screened for antifungal activity against aspergillus niger and apergillus oryzae by cup plate method at 1µg/mL concentration in DMF. All the synthesized compounds showed moderate or good microbial activity.
Aminothiazoles, synthesis, characterization, antibacterial and antifungal activity.
AK Prajapati, Vishal P Modi. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Amides of Aminothiazole Derivatives. Asian J. Research Chem. 3(1): Jan.-Mar. 2010; Page 121-125.
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