Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  6

Year :  2011

Pages :   893-895

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel 2-Aryl-Quinoline -3- Carbaldehyde Derivatives

Address:   Hemant Badwaik1*, S. Venkataraman2, Deepa Thakur1, Minu Vinod1, J.Raamamurthy2 and Kiran Deshmukh2.
1Rungta College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Bhilai (C.G)
2K.M. College of Pharmacy, Madurai (T.N)
*Corresponding Author

Acetanilide was cyclized via Vilsmeier–Haack reagent to give 2- chloro -3- formyl quinoline. The aldehydic group was protected to prevent the preferential attack of nitrogen nucleophiles. The protection of aldehydic group in the present system was achieved with ethylene glycol to afford dioxolan derivative. Dioxolan derivative treated with nitro substituted phenyl hydrazine in alcoholic solution followed by deprotection of aldehydic group afforded the 2-(2-(2-nitrophenyl) hydrazinyl) quinoline-3-carbaldehyde and 2-(2-(2, 4-dinitrophenyl) hydrazinyl) quinoline-3-carbaldehyde. The synthesized derivatives were screened for antimicrobial activity.
Vilsmeier–Haack reagent, Dioxolan, 2-(2-(2, 4-dinitrophenyl) hydrazinyl) quinoline-3-carbaldehyde, antimicrobial agent.
Hemant Badwaik, S. Venkataraman, Deepa Thakur, Minu Vinod, J.Raamamurthy, Kiran Deshmukh. Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel 2-Aryl-Quinoline -3- Carbaldehyde Derivatives. Asian J. Research Chem. 4(6): June, 2011; Page 893-895.
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