Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   5

Issue No. :  8

Year :  2012

Pages :   972-979

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Synthesis and pharmacological studies of some new imidazole derivatives

Address:   Sonwane RR*, Asnani AJ, Kawade DP
J. L. Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy, Electronic Zone Building, M.I.D.C., Hingna road, Nagpur-440 016.
*Corresponding Author

The present research work was aimed to synthesis some new imidazole derivatives. The twenty derivatives of 2-substituted 5-[(2-subtituted-4,5 diphenyl-1H-imidazol-1-yl)methyl]-2,3 dihydro-1,3,4 oxadiazole has been synthesized using appropriate synthetic route. The structure and purity of all synthesized derivatives were confirmed by IR, H1NMR, Mass spectral studies and physicochemical properties. These synthesized compounds were screened for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity by using Hot Plate Method and Carrageenan Induced Rat Paw Edema Method and they showed significant activity when given orally. Toxicity study of all synthesized compounds has been determined and LD 50 was found to be = 100 mg/Kg. Compounds IV-a, d, f, i, k, m, n, p, s and compound t shows significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. It was observed that the compounds have unsubstituted phenyl ring or 3-nitro phenyl ring at 2 position of oxadiazole ring shows significant activity.
IR, H1NMR, Mass, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory activity.
Sonwane RR, Asnani AJ, Kawade DP. Synthesis and pharmacological studies of some new imidazole derivatives. Asian J. Research Chem. 5(8): August, 2012; Page 972-979.
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