Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   8

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2015

Pages :   113-116

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Microbial Treatment to Black Liquor

Address:   Bhaskar G. Gaikwad1* and Yashita Thakur2
1C.E.Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune-411008, India
2Department of Biotechnology, Dr. D.Y. Patil B.B.I., Tathawade, Pune
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: .5958/0974-4150.2015.00020.6

Black liquor is released from pulp and paper industry. It is hazardous in nature and harmful to environment. We have screened bacterial cultures for treatment of black liquor. 18 bacterial cultures were used for screening of biodegradation of black liquor (1:5 diluted). We have used two different pH i.e. 9.0 and 5.5 for study. Among bacterial cultures we attempted to use Pseudomonas sp., Arthrobacter, Pseudomonas fluroscence and Pseudomonas pudita for screening. Baker’s yeast was also used for study at pH 9.0 and 5.5. Study of sugar utilization, phenol degradation and decolorization was carried out. Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIM 2174 utilized 47.5% sugar at pH 9. In case phenol degradation, 30.35% degradation was observed by Arthrobacter simplex NCIM 2449 at pH 9. 27.85% decolorization by done by Pseudomonas putida NCIM 2872 at pH 5.5. Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIM 2174 has shown 10.36% phenol degradation and 2.76% decolorization at pH 9. Arthrobacter simplex NCIM 2449 utilized 37.7% sugar and 8.23% decolorization observed at pH 9. 4.34% sugar utilization and 17.71% phenol degradation was observed with Pseudomonas putida NCIM 2872 at pH 5.5. Baker’s yeast has shown 10.94% sugar utilization and 15.59% decolorization at pH 5.5. 14.27% phenol degradaton was obseved with Baker’s yeast at pH 9.
Black liquor, bacteria, yeast, decolorization, sugar, phenol etc.
Bhaskar G. Gaikwad, Yashita Thakur. Microbial Treatment to Black Liquor. Asian J. Research Chem 8(2): February 2015; Page 113-116.
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