Journal :   Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry

Volume No. :   9

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2016

Pages :   82-84

ISSN Print :  0974-4169

ISSN Online :  0974-4150


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Estimation of Piroxicam in Tablet Dosage Form by using UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer

Address:   Sunil Singh*, Jay Ram Patel, Sarita Kare
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Oriental College of Pharmacy, Bhopal, M.P.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0974-4150.2016.00015.8

A simple, accurate, sensitive and precise Ultraviolet spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of Piroxicam in tablet dosage form. The solutions of standard and sample were prepared in methanol. In the UV specrophotometric method, the quantitative determination of the drug was carried at 335 nm and the linearity range was found to be 2-12 µg/ml. The calibration graphs constructed at their wavelength of determination were found to be linear for specrophotometric methods. The proposed methods have been extensively validated statistically that included parameters such as linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD, LOQ, recovery and robustness. There was no significant difference between the performance of the proposed method regarding the mean values and standard deviations. The described methods can be readily utilized for analysis of pharmaceutical formulation.
Method development; Validation; Derivative Spectroscopy; Piroxicam.
Sunil Singh, Jay Ram Patel, Sarita Kare. Estimation of Piroxicam in Tablet Dosage Form by using UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer. Asian J. Research Chem. 9(2): Feb., 2016; Page 82-84.
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