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Author(s): Ubani Chibuike Samuel, Joshua Parker Elijah


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Address: Ubani Chibuike Samuel and Joshua Parker Elijah
Dept. of Biochemistry, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 3,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2010

This study was aimed to elucidate the effect of kerosene on the liver enzyme markers. The parameters investigated included alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and total protein (TP) levels in the blood sample of experimental rats. The route of exposure (or administration) was through ingestion of diet contaminated with kerosene and the blood sample for the study was got through the retro-bulbar plexus of the medial canthus of the test animals (Rats).The result showed that the levels of ALT and ALP in the group of rats exposed to kerosene contaminated diet (test groups) as compared with the level of the control group were found to be significant (P<0.05) while the TP level was significantly decreased (P<0.05) as compared to the control in both weeks. The effect of kerosene on these parameters is dose-time-dependent and these results showed that frequent exposure to kerosene and its combustion products may be highly deleterious to the liver cells and the biological system in general.

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Ubani Chibuike Samuel, Joshua Parker Elijah. Biochemical Assessment of Kerosene Contaminated Diet on the Liver Enzyme Markers of Albino Rats. Asian J. Research Chem. 3(3): July- Sept. 2010; Page 795-800.

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