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Author(s): S.K. Gawande, R.E. Khadsan


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Address: S.K. Gawande1* and R.E. Khadsan2
1Mauli College of Engineering and Technology, Shegaon – 444 203, Dist - Buldana ( M.S.), India
2Shri. D.M. Burungale Arts and Science College Shegaon- 444 203, Dist – Buldhana (M.S.), India
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 7,      Issue - 5,     Year - 2014

Non classical, high speed , one pot microwave method has attracted researchers for organic synthesis in recent years. Environmentally benign ,greener microwave irradiation method for preparation of 2-azetidinones is developed. In our present study a series of seven novel azetidinones are synthesized which involves hydrazinolysis of 4-chloro ethyl benzoate with 99% hydrazine hydrate in ethanol in microwave to yield the hydrazides. Then hydrazides are condensed with different substituted aryl aldehydes in DMSO in microwave oven to form respective Schiff base. Then formation of Schiff bases are followed by ring closure reaction with chloro acetyl chloride and triethyl amine in DMF to yield corresponding azetidinones. Structures of synthesised compounds were confirmed by IR,1H NMR spectral analysis. Compounds are evaluated for their antimicrobial activities. The activities are due to cyclic carbonyl group in azetidinones. Some of the compounds have shown comparable antimicrobial activities against all the microbial strains.

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S.K. Gawande, R.E. Khadsan. Microwave assisted Greener Synthesis of 2-azetidinone Derivatives of 4-Chloro Ethyl Benzoate and its Microbiological Study. Asian J. Research Chem. 7(5): May 2014; Page 483-486.

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