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Author(s): Saravana Kumar R., Sarala Thambavani D.


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Address: Saravana Kumar R.1*, Sarala Thambavani D.2
1Department of Chemistry, N.P.R. College of Engineering and Technology, Natham, Dindigul-624401.Tamil Nadu, India.
2Department of Chemistry, Sri Meenakshi Govt. Arts College for women, Madurai- 625 002. Tamil Nadu, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 5,      Issue - 10,     Year - 2012

Urban air pollution is rapidly becoming an environmental problem of public concern worldwide. It can influence public health and local/regional weather and climate. In the present study, an effort has been made to study the air quality in terms of sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, suspended particulate matter (SPM) and respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) at three different locations (Fenner (I) limited, Highway building and Kunnathur chatram) representing industrial, residential and commercial cum traffic areas in Madurai city for the last eight years from 2002-2009. All the data were collected by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) with respirable dust samplers (RDS). The observed annual average concentrations of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) varied from 65 to 397 µg/m3 and the concentrations of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) ranged between 29 to 183 µg/m3. The annual average concentrations of the gaseous pollutant SO2 and NOx varied from 8 to 20 µg/m3 and 20 to 40 µg/m3 respectively. All the particulate matter was mostly above Indian air quality standards in all the sampling stations and gaseous pollutants were within the permissible limit during this study period. These particulate pollutants concentrations were higher compared to SO2 and NOx and it showed that the values of correlation coefficient for all possible correlations among different pollutants are computed (range of r = -0.043 to 0.973). Highly significant correlation and linear relationship are obtained between the following pairs of pollutants SO2 - NOx and SPM -RSPM respectively. An Air Quality Index (AQI) was calculated for all the sampling stations and it was varied from 12 to 189. AQI was high in traffic cum commercial area followed by residential area and low in industrial area. AQI rating scale varied from clean air (0–25) to severe air pollution (above 100). From AQI values, it is clear that the air quality is good at Fenner (I) Limited whereas it is low polluted and heavily polluted at Highway building and Kunnathur hatram respectively.

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Saravana Kumar R., Sarala Thambavani D.. Air Quality Index Value of an Ambient Air Pollutants and their Relationship in Urban Area. Asian J. Research Chem. 5(10): October, 2012; Page 1242-1250.

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